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Find out how much employee turnover costs your company every year. *

SHRM has estimated employee churn will cost US companies a staggering $680 Billion in 2020, a 13% increase since 2018, as the tight labor market continues to have many more job openings than qualified applicants. This will lead to quality employees, especially younger job seekers, to continue job hopping if they feel their employer does not recognize their contributions.

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* The total cost of replacing an employee typically includes:

  1. The cost of locating new talent:
    1. Recruiting Firms/ Head hunters
    2. Job Board Postings
      1. Indeed
      2. Zip Recruiter
      3. LinkedIn
      4. Others
    3. Job Fairs
    4. Signing Bonuses
    5. Relocation Costs
  2. The length of time to fill the position (lost revenue)
  3. The time it takes to get the new employee fully ramped

Annual Cost of Employee Turnover

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According to Deloitte Research, companies that are in the Top 20% of “recognition rich cultures” have a 31% lower turnover rate than their industry peers.

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